Mist Cooling System

At BLURAIN, we specialize in installation of mist cooling system for landscape outdoors, green house fogging systems, livestock humidification fogging system and dust separation system for residential, commercial, agriculture and Industrial sectors. We also deals in high pressure misting pumps, mist-fog nozzles, mist Fans, line based misting systems. We are a group of technically expertise people to ensure that customers shall receive the most effective and professional service. Our qualified and trained technicians install misting systems for patios, restaurants, bars, pools, shopping malls, offices and much more.
Depending the type of misting system you want, we installs stainless steel, copper or HDPE high-pressure misting lines to ensure your misting system is constructed properly to last for many years. We use the highest-quality misting pumps, misting nozzles and misting spares in the industry to ensure our clients receives a mister system that give them many years of enjoyment.

High Quality Mist Cooling Products

Our misting systems produce ultra-fine mist to reduce open area temperature up to 10-12 degrees without wetting. Mist cooling is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods available for cooling open areas. Our quality misting systems are made of quality material and cost fractional compared to our competitors. Our mist cooling pump forces the water through designed misting nozzles to create a fog of ultra-fine water droplets and quickly it evaporates & create a cooling area immediately. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering high quality mist cooling products, outstanding customer service, and greater value.

Mist Cooling System

Since 2010, we are one of the superior solution provider for outdoor misting system. We are distributers of state of the art misting system, pressurized misting system, misting nozzles, misting pumps, misting fans, misting system spares and misting fittings. For our innovation, high quality and professional convenience products, we proudly represent ourselves as the finest solution provider for mist cooling system in the industry. Our quality imported stainless steel misting nozzles and misting pumps are the main key to create a perfect outdoor misting system for commercial and residential establishments. Specially designed misting nozzles and micro sprinklers have been used to reduce the heat temperature for cow dairy farms and livestock farms. Our Misters and foggers are widely used to create a controlled environment within greenhouses so that high yield of harvest can be achieved. Our talented team of professional engineers offer the most effective practical and workable solutions for a broad array of commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Our mist system is well constructed with stainless steel tubes, lightweight nylon tubes and connects with high pressurized misting pump and filtration system. Also, our portable cool mist system is very simple to assemble and extremely effective for your patio, gardening, poolside and many more.

We also recognize for localized high standards for brilliance in misting system industry. When you are purchasing the mist cooling system from us, we ensure you high quality product, fast ship times and also efficient customer service.

Why choose us?

  • We are proud to announce that the innovative and effective water mist system shall be proposed as per actual requirement of client.
  • We ensure all our products are of fine quality as well as 100% reliable to use without any flaws.
  • We also design the fog system to emphasize your water feature by simply adding a unique cooling experience to your landscaping. In addition to this, we have ample experience in developing the fog risers as well as fogging kits, which make it simple to transform your backyard into your own tropical areas.
  • We are the one stop shop for the outdoor cooling system that makes your work a lot easier and very low time consuming process.

Over the decades, we have been a leading and innovative source of outdoor misting products. We are also dealing in e low pressure misting nozzles and focused on producing the combination of mist fog nozzles. Our technical expertise and innovative products are combined with delivering extensive misting products at the best possible rates. We use ultra-fine water mist droplets in high pressure misting system to minimize the outdoor temperature by up to 30 degrees. Additionally, we use the evaporative cooling system that results in evaporation of mist as well as reduction of the ambient temperature.

Once you place the order of any products from us, we ensure you will get the product at your doorstep in a timely manner along with fast as well as affordable shipping!

Our Specialize Products for Outdoor Cooling System are:

Misting Nozzles | Misting Fans | Misting Pumps | Spare Parts & Accessories

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