Irrigation Maintenance


Regular service and maintenance of a garden sprinkler system provides an optimal irrigation system performance for many years to come. BLURAIN offers a complete repair and maintenance services program including comprehensive irrigation system check-up to all customers. Our scope of work shall include; Check and repair irrigation pipelines, ensure and repair irrigation controller performance, cleaning of irrigation pop up sprinklers, rectify the pop up spray head adjustment, Solenoid valve cleaning, ensure irrigation controller programming and a maintenance manual to improve performance.

Repair & Troubleshooting


If your existing irrigation system is facing problems, don’t worry we are here to serve you. We repairs almost all irrigation equipment’s of all major irrigation manufacturer includes Rain bird, Hunter, Toro, K-rain and many more.

Our Repair work includes
Fixing of issues of Pop up sprinkler repairsReplacement of broken sprinklers
Clogging removal from irrigation pipelineIrrigation solenoid valve replacement
Repairing of soil moisture sensorCleaning of Irrigation filtration system
Fixing of sprinkler coverage issueRepairing of cloaked dripline
Cleaning of foggers & mistersIrrigation decoder repairs
Setting of irrigation controllerRectify of central control system software

Drip Irrigation System


Drip irrigation system refers to a network of flexible drip tubing and drippers, irrigation pipelines, irrigation valves and automatic controller. This low flow drip watering system has been widely used around the world because of its unique advantages of directly delivering water in roots of plants, low evaporation and 60% less consumption of water compared to conventional irrigation method. Drip irrigation directly delivers water to root zone of the plants.

Automatic Irrigation System


Automated irrigation system refers to traditional multi wired irrigation system under that separate wires are required to connect the solenoid valve with irrigation controller.  Due to low cost, automatic irrigation system is widely used and accepted by most landscape customers. Main Features of automatic irrigation System is Simple and Easy controlling, Switch ON & OFF irrigation pumping station automatically, Cost effective & value for Money.

Like other irrigation system, it has ability to Save water, lower your water bills and improve the health of your Garden. Automatic irrigation system is considered as a perfect irrigation system for residential purposes.

Decoder Irrigation System


Decoder irrigation system is the upgraded version of automatic irrigation system. Unlike the conventional multi wire irrigation system, only a single wire of two core type, is used to connect all the irrigation valves through irrigation decoders. Decoders are electronic communication devices that command the irrigation valves with the help of irrigation controller. Considered as perfect irrigation system for large landscape area, Main feature of decoder irrigation system is easy repair & maintenance, saving of labour and wire as well.

Smart Irrigation System


Smart irrigation system is known as most advance irrigation system, is a combination of irrigation automation products whose work is not only switching ON and OFF the irrigation pumping station but it also means that installed irrigation sensors automatically sense the local weather condition, soil moisture content, landscape watering needs, evaporation and adjust the irrigation controller run time as per actual water requirement of the given landscape without any human intervention. Smart irrigation system is very user friendly, one can easily operate the irrigation system with Mobile OR Laptop. This is perfect irrigation system for large housing projects, large landscape area, Golf courses and Commercial projects.