Irrigation System

BLURAIN is leading supplier of quality Pop up irrigation equipment, drip irrigation, sprinkler system and home watering systems for both commercial and domestic use. We offer an extensive product range, door delivery, guaranteeing wholesale customers can get what they want, when they need it. We only source and supply quality products ensuring value and performance.
BLURAIN sources water efficient products from world leading irrigation manufacturers. Whether you need Smart Pop up sprinkler system, drip irrigation, agriculture irrigation equipment, Irrigation automation components, home garden watering system, sports field irrigation system, water control equipment’s OR Pipe fittings. BLURAIN offer you vast range of quality Products, competitive pricing, friendly advice, professional service and speedy delivery. Our team of irrigation professionals is dedicated to ensuring superior products and fair advice to our customers so that they can get right products for project requirements.

Our products includes:

  • 1. Pop up Spray sprinklers
    2. Pop up Gear driven Rotors
    3. Pop up Sports field rotors
    4. Pop up Impact Rotors
    5. Driplines & Drippers
    6. Foggers & Misters
  • 7. Micro Sprinklers
    8. Automatic Solenoid valves
    9. Root watering devices
    10. Sensors & Decoders
    11. Weather station
    12. Irrigation Management software
  • 13. Cables & Wires
    14. Valve boxes
    15. Venturi fertilization unit
    16. Rain Guns & Overhead Sprinkler
    17. Brass & Plastic Sprinklers

Pre Filteration System

BLURAIN offers effective and reliable pre-filtration system for irrigation, commercial establishment, and residential use and for industries. We helps our customers by offering advance pre-filtration technology that does not required chemicals but only bare minimum water is required for backflush.

Applications of pre- filtration systems that include:

  • Refineries and Industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Pre filtration of water to protect Ultrafiltration and RO systems
  • Pre filtration of domestic water before storage.

Our products includes:

  • 1. Disc Filter (Manual / Automatic)
    2. Media Sand Filters
    3. Hydro cyclone filters
    4. Mesh / Screen Filters

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Fluid Control Fitting

BLURAIN established itself as premium suppliers to world-leading manufacturers for flow control, pressure control equipment’s and fittings. We supplies full range of Valves, including Check valve, Pressure relief valve, Air release valve, water level controllers, pump start relay, Pump Panels, Ball valve, Butterfly valves, Pressure gauze, HDPE compression fittings, PVC fittings, PP service saddles and many more.

So have a look at the broad product ranges available from BLURAIN. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call to our representative on +91-8800952977 or Email:

Our products includes:

  • 1. Non Return valves
    2. Pressure relief valves
    3. Air Release valve
    4. Water level controllers
    5. Pump start relays
    6. Pump Control Panel
  • 7. Pressure Gauzes
    8. Butterfly valves
    9. PVC Ball valves ( Indian & imported)
    10. Compression fittings
    11. Brass Gate valves
    12. PP Service Saddles