Lawn Care Equipments & Garden Tools

However it is not easy to find quality lawn care equipment’s and garden machinery but BLURAIN explores the world for quality lawn mowers, grass cutting machine and bring them at your doorstep.

BLURAIN, makes getting the garden care job done easily with huge selection of petrol lawn mowers, hedge trimmers & grass cutters, battery operated garden hand tools and power equipment’s that can help you in every step of the gardening process just after the plantation is in place.


All in one platform to purchase different types of garden tools

BLURAIN is a top rated company providing high quality of garden machinery and garden tools products to the landscape industry. All of our turf care products which are sourced from the world most reputed manufacturers like GREENMAN, ALPINA, STIGA GARDENA are technically competent and meet garden maintenance needs. Our skilled experts understand that every garden has different requirements so based on the garden complexity we suggest different range of the garden machinery, garden equipment, lawn mowers and grass cutters to cater the needs of gardeners.

We are having perfect garden equipment solutions to provide all kinds of the garden scissors, garden tools, high quality grass cutting machine, manual lawn mowers, Electric lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers, diesel lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, hedge cutters, grass trimmer, brush cutters, chain saw, leaf blowers, tap timers, gardening secateurs, grass cutting tool and much more. Our objective is to provide you superb quality lawn care products within economical price range.  

As expert, we know that same type of grass cutting machine cannot work efficiently in every lawn applications. Zero turn mowers garden machines has been specially designed for golf courses whereas residential lawn mowers are best suited for home garden and small size farm house.

With our best quality lawn cutting machines you cannot only cutting or trimming the lawn but different design of lawn cutting and shapes are also achievable.

Our battery powered garden tools include a vast range of battery hedge trimmers, battery chain saw, battery blowers, robotic lawn mower and battery operated lawn mowers and much more. These smart garden products are very popular among customers due to their unique features of light weight body, powerful battery, fast charging, less noise and no pollution. These products are preferable choices for electric scarcity area. As for prices are concerned, it is available at the most affordable and economical rates.

Rotating blades of our grass trimmers & cutters are used to cut and trim easily and quickly for achieve uniform grass height. At the same time, our grass cutting machine can be adjusted to cut the grass up to only the pre-decided and designated height.

If you are looking to replace your garden tools, electric lawn mower or garden equipment, just call our sales engineer. Our expert will suggest you the right option as per your requirement. We assure you that our one stop shop will cover all of your gardening maintenance tools needs.

Our vision is fulfill the expectations of clients by providing the top quality garden machinery at affordable prices along with extraordinary customer service.