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Since 2010, we are one of the best solution providers for the outdoor misting system. For our innovation, high quality and professional convenience products, we proudly represent ourselves as the finest solution provider for mist cooling system in the industry. Our high pressure misting systems produce ultra-fine mist to reduce open area temperatures up to 10-12 degrees without wetting. Mist cooling system is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods available for cooling open areas. Our quality misting system are made of quality material and cost fractional compared to our competitors. Our mist cooling pump forces the water through design misting nozzles to create a fog of ultra-fine water droplets and quickly it evaporates & create a cooling area immediately. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering high quality mist cooling products, outstanding customer service, and greater value.


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At BLURAIN, we specialize in installing of mist cooling system for landscape outdoors, fogging system for greenhouses, a humidification mist system for plant nursery, the livestock mist cooling system for cattle and birds and dust separation system for Industrial sectors. We also deal in high pressure misting pumps, fog machines, misting nozzles, fog nozzles, mist Fans, PE tube for mist cooling system, line based misting systems. We are a group of technically expertise people to ensure that customers shall receive the most effective and professional service. Our qualified and trained technicians install misting systems for patios, restaurants, bars, pools, shopping malls, offices and much more. Depending the type of misting system you want, we install stainless steel, copper or PE high-pressure misting pipe to ensure your misting system is constructed properly to last for many years. Our low pressure fogging systems highest-quality misting pumps, misting nozzles and misting spares in the industry to ensure our clients receives a mister system that give them many years of enjoyment.


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In peak summer, keeping your animal cool and comfortable is absolutely difficult. BLURAIN misting systems ensure that your animal houses retain an appropriate cooling and maximum comfort. The poultry Mist cooling system reduces heat stress and reduce the mortality in all kinds of poultry. High quality egg production increases. In peak summer cattle milk production gets effected. Cattle climate control Misting system helps to reduce summer heat and makes comfortable environment for cattle that drives cows to eat more and produce more milk.

Horse barns generally hotter than outside temperatures due to radiant heating of the structure. To save the horses from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, Our Horse climate control Mist cooling system creates a cool and comfortable environment. Technically correct installed misting system can reduce temperatures by 20 to 25 degrees and make the outdoor climate comfortable. BLURAIN provides animal cooling systems for Dairy Farms, Poultry farms, kennels, horse stables, zoos and livestock facilities. Our Misters and Foggers are widely used to create a controlled environment within greenhouses so that high yield of harvest can be achieved.


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Serious global situation of Coronavirus / Covid-19 has led BLURAIN to create an innovative disinfection mist system. The sanitization fog system is a combination of customized structure and Fog spray nozzles to effectively saturate the controlled environment and disinfect all human body and surfaces even those which are not directly exposed to the fog nozzles. This automatic sanitization fog system is considered as latest emerged weapon to combat against corona virus, widely used and accepted by every part of the world. Other than your employee, guest and labor personnel, you can use Sanitization Fog system to sanitize vehicle and even your material as well in the areas of controlled ingress and egress such as entry and exit of buildings. These futuristic Disinfectant fog system has ability to kill 99 percent of viruses within some seconds.

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