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Choosing the right Irrigation contractor is an important decision. The Irrigation contractor is design and install your irrigation system and ensure that the right Irrigation components has used for each part of your landscape. Well-designed smart irrigation system can help reduce water usage and low operating cost in terms of utilities & labor. Better turf health can also be attained through consistent & precise watering.

Sometimes low bidders may be inexperienced and often use cost cutting methods that can put at risk your landscape and shorten the life of your project. Always remember that whether it be a residential society garden, public garden, commercial landscape or even if why not to be a golf course, the quality & sustainability of any landscape depend on the perfect irrigation design, quality of materials, installation and maintenance of system.

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At BLURAIN, we recognize the importance of well-designed irrigation system. Selection of right  irrigation system depend upon a number of factors; such like as plants water requirement, soil type, local weather condition and complexity of the project type. For example the normal automatic irrigation system can be a suitable choice for commercial landscape, similarly drip irrigation system is good for home gardens, but web based irrigation system is only the best option for golf course and playgrounds. Here our irrigation specialist helps you to understand, distinguish between different types of irrigation system.

At BLURAIN, we are confident that our installation is the best in the industry. This is possible because we believe “Quality speaks” in terms using of first class engineering products and superior irrigation workmanship and perfect design. We use best commercial grade components, water conserving and money saving products in all our irrigation projects. We strive to achieve the highest level of workmanship in all our installations because we do not cut corners. We promise that your irrigation system will perform reliably for many years to come with maximum efficiency, minimum maintenance, conserving water and saving money for you.

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Two wire Decoders are electronic devices that operate irrigation valve solenoids by receiving signal from an irrigation controller are called decoder irrigation system. This type of automatic irrigation system is easy to maintain and less complicated. Decoder irrigation systems are different from “conventional automation system because in a decoder system need only a two core wire to run long distances for connected irrigation solenoid valves. We provide the best in class decoder irrigation system for landscape, golf course irrigation system and sports field irrigation system. With a group of qualified and experienced irrigation professionals, we have been offering several types of irrigation systems effectively in line with the industry norms. Irrigation systems provided by our company are widely dependable and also highly appreciated among the several numbers of customers due to its wonderful features such as Wi- Fi Controlling system and Water conservation feature. Low in operating cost and easy to use, our irrigation system use less electricity and less manpower.
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BLURAIN is a specialist of irrigation water management and expertise in independent irrigation design services. We provide irrigation solutions for real estate development, government landscape projects, golf courses, and other water management challenges. Our Irrigation Designers will provide you irrigation plans AutoCAD, irrigation performance specification and complete tender packages. Before doing irrigation design we do deep study of actual ground condition, water source location and feasibility study. We also guarantee that our irrigation planning will definitely enhance your plant health, conserve water, reduce manpower, and reduce electricity bills at the same time. 

Our irrigation design services includes the following:

  1. Site survey, Irrigation planning and budgeting.
  2. Irrigation Drawings and Tender specification.
  3. Preparing of irrigation contracts documents
  4. Irrigation Auditing, construction and administrative services.
  5. Irrigation Consultation and Suggest alternate Irrigation options.

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When we talk about the smart irrigation system, it is not only limited to automatic switching on and off the irrigation pumping station but it also means that a smart controlling system automatically sense the local weather condition, soil moisture content, evapotranspiration and adjust the irrigation run time as per actual water requirement.

One of the most interesting feature of smart irrigation system is that you can access and control the irrigation system anywhere from the world through a smartphone and this has been possible through Wi-Fi controllers and by installing a simple app on your smartphone. While designing an automatic irrigation system, our primary objective is to save water, manpower and of course help the owners to provide a beautiful and a healthy landscape. Our specialization includes central control irrigation system, decoder irrigation system, smart irrigation system and multi wired automated irrigation system.

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We have been an expert in providing of drip irrigation system which is not only highly efficient, but also delivers water directly to the plant roots. The drip irrigation system reduces the use of the water by 80% compared to conventional sprinkler irrigation system. Landscape drip/micro irrigation system is very popular due its unique features of no water evaporation, very useful at less soil depth terrace gardens, Useful in the sloped area and water runoff area. The subsurface drip irrigation system is widely accepted by landscape architects, engineers and end users for its great performance on groundcovers, shrubs, trees, flower beds and plantation.

At present, we are one of the superior irrigation companies in north India and it’s become possible with our integrated and holistic work approach. With the greatest years of experience in sprinkler irrigation business, we are dedicatedly offering the broad range of drip irrigation system that includes micro sprinklers, foggers drippers, drip lines to all our valuable customers. Our micro irrigation products are directly delivers the water to the root of the plant that saves water and do better control.

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Indian irrigation industry, counts BLURAIN as a premium brand among leading landscape irrigation companies in India. We are providing a full range of the highest quality precision irrigation sprinkler systems range is not only limited to spray pop up sprinkler, low flow Rotary nozzles and Maxi paw impact pop up sprinklers BUT we also offer Gear driven pop up sprinkler, underground sprinkler system and drip lines. Our rain gun are preferred choice for users who want to irrigate the large green area at a single time. Range of micro sprinklers and mini sprinklers are very useful to deliver a controlled environment, whereas foggers and misters provides optimal cooling or humidifying of landscape areas.

Automation is the heart of your irrigation system. Our broad ranges of includes battery operated valve solenoid, Bluetooth tap timers, sprinkler automatic timers, decoder irrigation controllers, Wi-Fi irrigation controllers, Web based irrigation controllers and central control irrigation system.

No one can control the nature, but our range of Irrigation monitoring Sensors and Irrigation safety valves like weather sensor, soil moisture sensor and rain sensor help us to get the accurate weather data and automatically optimize your irrigation system. Similarly, our Pressure regulating device and pressure relief valves plays a key role to protect your irrigation system from pump over-pressure.

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