Who We Are

Since 2010, BLURAIN has been committed to delivering the very best services to landscape industry and this starts with our people. BLURAIN is a specialized water engineering group engaged in turnkey contracting and consulting of smart irrigation System, fountains & water features, mist cooling System, swimming pools and solar panel washing system. Technically sound design, 1st grade quality products, superior installation and affordable prices are our core strengths which makes us one of the reputed companies of this field in India.

At BLURAIN, we work closely with architects, landscape professionals, property managers, horticulturists, project management teams and project engineers. Our involvement usually begins in the project from the starting stage to the successful hand over to our customers.

At BLURAIN, we assure our clients that only technically competent products shall be used at the sites which shall keep them free from maintenance issues for many years to come. We understand that every project has different requirements and complexities that’s why we test every single product before it’s installation at the project.

At BLURAIN, we are the most trusted suppliers & wholesalers of outdoor landscape engineering products sourced from world renowned international and Indian manufacturing companies. Other than irrigation spares, fountain nozzles and underwater LED lights our supplies includes garden machinery, garden lawn mowers, garden tools, swimming pools filters, swimming pool circulation pumps, pool cleaners, swimming pool dosing pump, swimming pool accessories, LED illuminated Planters, FRP garden benches, FRP bins and much more. We offer a vast product range, superb quality products, timely delivery and lowest prices assuring value & performance to our valuable customers. Our technical team is dedicated to provide you technical assistance and the right products as per project requirement. Most of our engineered products are International CE quality certification and have passed the test of continuous run durability.



What makes BLURAIN Different ?


When it comes to quality product and service, we strongly believe that “Quality is the best advertisement plan”. Cost saving does not mean to cut corners in term of temporary workmanship and use of substandard products. Please note that sometime low bidders may be unexperienced and often use cost cutting methods that can put on risk your landscape and shorten the life of your project.

At BLURAIN, only technically competent products are installed at sites to keep them free from maintenance issues for years ahead. Customer satisfaction and best after sale service is our top priority. BLURAIN assures you that when you choose us, we guarantee you a first class dedicated service, exceptional quality product which would be value for money.

Clients Testimonial
BLURAIN team has done outstanding Fountain/water feature work for us. We appreciate their design capabilities, understanding of water engineering, Quality products and satisfactory installation Work that BLURAIN offers.
Jain Loonkaran Chajed - President
BLURAIN has installed “latest Irrigation Systems” in some of our landscape projects. Even after 5 years everything is running satisfactory.
Kavita kedawat - PrincipalLandscape Architect
Great job done! BLURAIN has installed Automatic irrigation system for our Okhla-Delhi office.
Dinesh Parwanda - Narnoli Residence, Jaipur
The people at BLURAIN, from the owner to the installers to the service people, are very friendly. They are all knowledgeable and reliable experts you want for your Automatic irrigation needs. Do yourself a favor, call BLURAIN for the best.
SP Sharma - CEO
Team Members
  • Founder Cum Managing Partner

    B.Sc. from mechanical engineering with MBA from Amity university, Ajay brings with him over 15 years of operational and sales experience. He is responsible for sales …

  • Managing Partner

    Manoj is co-founder of BLURAIN. He is an Engineering Graduate from Indian institute of Technology and having 12 years’ experience in water automation industry. Manoj administers …

  • Managing partner

    Aashi Roy is co-founder and responsible for operational management, administration and customer service at BLURAIN. She is a lawyer and holds a Master degree in human resource management from …


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