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Are you looking for waterscape contractor to install your irrigation system or water feature?

BLURAIN is a water management company that provides innovative and efficient solutions for smart irrigation system, water features, outdoor fountains and swimming pools inclusive of MEP works. We are committed to provide technically sound design, genuine quality products and first class Installation to get the job done efficiently & correctly. Water feature and irrigation system is one of the most important part while design and planning landscape projects as it enhances liveliness of any landscape project. We work with landscape architects, developers, homeowners and landscape companies to provide a professionally-designed and installed irrigation system, water features and other waterscape projects.

Precision waterscape solutions

Be it irrigation system, commercial water feature or misting system, we know that quality waterscape projects can be accomplished only with qualified engineers, supervisors and skilled labor team. Additionally, the best quality products are selected according to special requirement and criteria to meet high-profile project standards.

With a history of product innovation, design and superior installation, WE WILL HELP YOU TO CREATE YOUR DREAM PROJECT. Blurain offers a wide range of products and expert services to help you at any stage of your waterscape design & development.

Concept to completion
We will help you in every step of your dream waterscape project.

Being a water engineering company, we are extremely passionate and enjoy to work for innovative kind of water fountains, smart irrigation system and luxurious swimming pools. We provides the most appropriate solution because we are not limited to specific manufacturers. Whether it is irrigation system, water feature or swimming pools, we only provide high-quality equipment and design services to ensure our client vision become a reality.

Trusted supplier for landscape engineering products.
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As a trusted supplier, we pride ourselves in delivering of quality irrigation equipment’s, water fountain nozzles, submersible LED lights, LED illuminated polymer planters and pool products to residential and commercial markets. Ours being a family owned business, we understand that customer's trust is the most important thing in order to develop an outstanding business. That’s the reason from last so many years we have been striving to deliver quality products and best after service possible.

  • Pop up Sprinkler system.
  • Drip Irrigation system.
  • Smart irrigation Controllers.
  • Automatic filtration system
  • Irrigation solenoid Valves.
  • Spray Head / Nozzles.
  • Gear driven Rotors.
  • Irrigation Sensors.
  • Sports field irrigation system.
  • Interactive Fountains
  • Water fall & water sheet
  • Architectural fountains
  • Submersible LED lights
  • Fountain nozzles & more
  • Fountain equipment
  • Fountain Systems
  • Garden fountains
  • Outdoor water fountain
  • Electric Lawn Mowers
  • Grass cutting Machines (Diesel & Petrol)
  • Brush cutter.
  • Hedge trimmers.
  • Grass shears.
  • Garden Hand tools.
  • Zero turn mowers.
  • Bluetooth tap timers.
  • Chain saw
  • Pool pumps
  • Multiport valves.
  • Pool Filters.
  • Underwater LED lights.
  • Pool cleaners.
  • Heating system.
  • Nozzles & Drains
  • Glass mosaic tiles.